Saturday, 18 October 2014

Work: BLISS N ESO 'Eye of the storm'

Recently worked with Marc Purnell (as VFX Supervisor) on Bliss n Eso's collaboration with GSHOCK watches.  First it started out just as me modelling the 'Time Stops still in the eye of the storm' text you see near the beginning, but progressed into pretty much full retopology of the watch (seen at the end) and almost all of the roto/cleanup (there were camera tracks and people standing off-stage, had to make it look like the actors were in a black abyss)

Vis Story work in progress

sci-fi dormitory. Vis story is actually a storyboarding class however its faster for me to model than to draw so I'm doing my final assignment in 3D

More POST Production

some of the raw images displayed on camera, took 9 images 2 exposure values apart.